Final PR Blog

To be completely honest, coming into this class i didn’t know what to expect, I for the most part didn’t really care. i chalked it up to be just like any other SWS class and i just didn’t know what to expect. I knew i had to take it for my major, only for it to turn out i dont need this class for a major. But really, coming into this class I knew that a skill in Public Relation was important for my future career in the sport management world. When looking back at earlier in the year and my knowledge or lack thereof when it came to Public Relations I don’t feel i was too far off. However, I did have questions. I didn’t understand how Public Relation professionals went about their everyday job as in what they did all day. I didn’t know how in PR you could connect businesses to the public.

Compared to the very first day and the first blog post I do feel i have changed and learned a lot. The plan book that we did for the College of Communication and Public Service helped me understand a lot at just the beginning of what Public Relation specialist do. Much more than i understood going into the class. For example I learned the 5 steps of crisis that PR professionals go through for company’s. i learned that a lot of crisis’ could have been avoid way before they occurred. But it all wasn’t easy, it was rough getting my head wrapped around the fact that PR professionals in campaign book have to specifically write out steps of strategies and tactics and objectives down to the letter. I’m not sure if there are any break through moments i had this semester in this class.

As far as likes and dislikes once again I feel that I’m neutral in this class. I now understand how important Public Relations are in the real world, or the corporate world. One of my biggest questions I had in my earlier blog post this semester was “how does a job in PR correlate to other jobs and how do they effect most jobs” I feel that i can answer this question more confidently now. I understand that In Public Relations most jobs need a Public Relation specialist to not only prevent crisis’s but also to help figure out ways to strengthen their brand. Coming into this class i had no idea how badly businesses and companies needed help in branding. I also didn’t know that PR helped companies brand. After taking this class I have came to realize that business actually can heavily rely on PR firms for their help for the future of their business.

Actually now that I think about it, the thing I dislike the most about what I have learned in this PR class is the campaign book. I understand its necessity, that is not the problem. My problem with it is how detailed it is. I understand that the more detailed it is the more it helps the client but, sometimes I feel that the client needs to do some work too. Like when creating a brand and advertising, maybe I don’t understand because i don’t run my own company but sometimes I feel that finding advertising strategies shouldn’t be as hard to the fact that you have to hire outside help to find you strategies and tactics on how to do so.

Lastly, I’m not an APR major, however the few skills that i have learned in this class i do plan and think i will be using them in the future for my future job. As I talked about in my first blog, the sports industry is where i want to live, and its where i want to die. To be more specific the sports management side so the business side of sports. Which means i will have to worry about possible crisis’ that can occur in that sport for my team and/ player that i manage. I’m going to need to know how to create, and advertise for my brand which would be the sports team, or the athlete. I’m going to have to come up with certain objectives and strategies and tactics to accomplish the goals needed for my job.

All in all, coming into this, I did not know what to expect but I kept my eyes and ears open and learned a lot that I plan on using in the future.

As for my Final PR definition, I could very much just google it. But in my own words I find public relations to be the profession of building strategies and tactics for business’s to the public for a mutual gain. in other words, helping companies connect with the public, and helping companies manage their business from a media, and public side.


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