Public Relations and Sport

Sports over the past 50 years have drastically changed, sports over the past 10 years have changed actually. Not just the sports themselves but the environment of sport and how the public perceives sports. All that can be credited to PR firms and PR professionals in sports.

Jason Latimore wrote, public relations firms and professionals help coordinate the flow of information from teams to the press and feed the public hunger for sports news items, team data and player information (par. 1). However, and arguably most importantly, they are also responsible for the promotion of teams, and players to the public. In the eyes of the players and team PR professionals are very important. they’re important because they are usually in charge of writing player bios, writing media and press release, handling crisis because we all know that everyday in sports theirs something new and potentially dangerous that an athlete or organization is doing. PR professionals are responsible for working around the clock to correct or at least minimize the crisis at hand.

Another PR in sports is branding. For example, Nike is a huge player in the sporting world for branding. In fact Nike first came into sport when Phil knight partnered with a man named sunny who was a a guy working for college sports teams and he wanted players to stop wearing converse and wanted Nike to be on the feet of the players.After a long process he finally got Nike to be apart of his players feet and attire. now 40 years later Nike is one of the biggest shoe producing companies in the world. Whenever someone thinks of basketball, Nike is almost synonymous. A huge contributing factor to that are PR professionals. they constantly work around the clock to promote clothing lines for athletes and sports teams and find ways to promote their clients.

As side from branding Pr professionals are also Constantly dealing with the troubles of athlete and handling those kinds of conflict. For example a study found in 2010 by U.s College search wrote an article on crime rates in sports. It found that NFL players have a higher percentage of getting arrested in that 1 in 45 NFL players will be arrested for a crime that usually will be drunk driving related (par.24). This stat means a lot considering just from a media standpoint PR professionals in sports especially the NFL are responsible the perception of athletes that get in trouble. for example when Ray Rice was being questions by police for domestic violence PR professionals had to find away to instruct their clients but NFL teams and players on what to say and do in reaction to  the event.

Lastly, you don’t have to be a PR professional in sport in order to do things that PR professionals would do. If you’re a sports agent, then PR is just a skill, and apart of your job, but it isn’t your profession. You’re client is your #1 priority so his or her best interest is your man focus.

All together, PR in sports plays a major role on the everyday aspects in sports. In fact, more than the average person would come to know.



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