Why Research at all?

Research in Public relations contrary to popular beliefs and after researching my self, I found that it is indeed very important for people in Public Relations. When we think of research naturally, we think of looking and reading a bunch of books and online scholarship websites reading a bunch of facts that makes no sense to us at all. Basically we think of death. In college we don’t see research as a waste in time. However, In Public relations research isn’t a waste of time, if you want to be credible and very good at your job in Public Relations then research is vitally important.

In Public Relations it is very key for one to connect with the public and the client, to do so, they have to listen and look for the public’s voice. Anthony Davis in his book Mastering Public Relations he wrote that “Research allows us to show results, to measure impact, and to refocus our efforts based on those numbers.Dozier and Ehling (1992). For example, if an initiative is not working with a certain public we can show that ineffectiveness statistically, and the communication can be redesigned or eliminated (Davis 2004).” This quote shows the importance of public relations in the idea that they are able to connect to the audience by listening to their opinions and gain facts, to better their clients company or business in relations to the public.

When you are researching for public relations it’s also important to gather the appropriate facts and survey’s. If your research isn’t credible or if it doesn’t work for what you’re trying to say it could hurt your clients business. Judy Gombita wrote in her blog called Making a case for a helping hand for public relations, “Look for an academic (or hybrid academic/practitioner) who is conducting research (and publishing it) on a regular and ongoing basis. Individuals who have achieved a master’s degree level of education will have had a proper introduction to research, but it’s unlikely they live and breathe research design and statistical analysis (Gombita 2009).” In away this goes hand in hand in research all together, its better to get facts and research from a source that is credible. A source that isn’t just spitting their own opinions and has no background in the subject. He’s saying that for people in Public Relations it’s better to get information from someone who has a significant background in the topic, someone like a doctor or professor who has extraneous knowledge on the matter for credible research and information.

Finally, Public Relations is growing and a big part of our Public Relations is online, and so now we have to keep in reach and stay current with our computer skills, and all of the online social media sites (Taylor-Salmon 2014). With this said, its important to say current on social media like twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You do this because that’s what the public is on, that’s what everyone use’s in today’s time and age. So it’s good for someone in PR to stay “up to date”



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