What is PR?

When it comes to PR, I do not think I really know anything about it. I mean i understand that Public Relations especially in today’s society is actually very important. It’s Important because businesses has to have a way to engage with the public, their consumers, buyers. However, i understand that this relationship in some ways has to be mutually beneficial… so I think. Then again I do not know much at all. When it comes to the list about what I do not know that list unlike my dads hair, thickens. What I mean by that is it’s a rather long in length. I’ll start it off by saying I do not understand what people do with Public Relations jobs. Like on a day to day basis what do you do? how does a person with a job in PR form that relationship between their clients and the Public. I do not understand what are some task, and skills to help accomplish these tasks. My big goal at the end of the day is to be in the sports administration level like a sports agent. How does Public relation correlates with that kind of field. So i guess the bigger questions i have is how does someone in the PR field do their job in correlation to the different jobs out there? As far as what i want to learn, I would really like to learn the skills and techniques that someone who works in Public Relations would use. Also for my career in sports I’m really curious as to how someone in Public Relations would do their jobs in that field. In other words I’m asking what would they do? That’s what i would like to learn the most is how does the two get along and interact with each other. I would like to learn this because in my future field especially in today’s time and age the public image to athletes or the professional team they’re on could be huge for the team and individual. Look at what happened with Johnny Manziel and the Cleveland browns. His image outside of football destroyed his career with the browns and it hurt the Browns organization. Or you can look at the Micheal Sam’s case. the NFL single handedly RUINED his NFL career. when he decided to come out of the closet his career in the NFL was over before it could even start. So in closing, how does Public Relations deal with something like that. I’m majoring in Sports Management and so this class is a must take for completion of my major, and so I’m just curious as to how the two fields meet and are together. Once i figure out how they go together the next step i will need to learn are the skills on how to put the two together for a successful career. Social Media is very key in today’s time and age and after last weeks class I sorta got an idea on how Its used for businesses. For what I do not want to learn, im not sure. I do not know enough about PR to decide what i do not want to learn.


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